About Us

Our Journey

It was during the global pandemic in 2020, when the world was at a standstill, that our founders thought of taking their lives a step forward and that was when the idea of our brand ‘Do Dhaage’ was conceived.

Do Dhaage in Hindi means ‘two threads’. It takes two threads to make a stitch and that is how a garment comes into being, one stitch after another. With each stitch, made with utmost care and love, we envision to bring to you a brand that represents our culture, our art, our Rajasthan. Being born and brought up in Bikaner, a small city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, block prints and bandhani were something that we had grown up with and hence, could not probably see just how rich and special they were.

The nation wide lockdown brought everyone closer to their homes and it made us appreciate the little things around us. Spending a lot of time at home made us see the richness of our culture and the diversity of Rajasthani prints and colours. Hence, we decided to cultivate our love for our home state by entwining its art with the threads of our passion and showcasing these prints to the world.

We hope that you welcome our little brand into your wardrobe and enjoy wearing our designs as much as we enjoy curating them for you.